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What is the point of a court date for a non-major traffic infraction? And can I get this reduced?

Van Nuys, CA |

I was ticketed by a motorcycle cop for an "illegal u-turn." I was parked on the curb of a 4-lane, 2-way street, and from my parked position, checked for traffic both ways and turned into the opposite lane when it was safe (technically a u-turn..of course if I were parked in a driveway, it would be a perfectly legal turn, there is a difference of only 45 degrees). Why isn't there an option just to mail in the payment, why is a court appearance required for this? It's not even a misdemeanor.

It is $238 however. Is there any way I can get that fine reduced if I appear in court and ask for a fine reduction?

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Yes if you plead guilty at time of arraignment judge will probably reduce fine. Go to traffic school. This is a one point violation .

Andrew Roberts


If you plead at arraignment the Judge might reduce your fine. Traffic School will keep the point off your record but the conviction will stand.

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Contact the traffic clerks office. Most courts have an option to pay and take traffic school without showing up in court.

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