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What is the penalty in colorado for driving without a license with a previous DUI case?

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Driving Under Revocation for an alcohol-related offense carries a fine and a maximum jail sentence of 6 months. There is a mandatory minimum 30-day jail sentence that must be served. DMV will also extend the restraint on the driving privileges for an additional year. Driving under revocation is a habitual offender offense. If you plead or are convicted to three habitual offenses in a seven-year period you will lose your driving privileges for 5 years.


Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a non-moving infraction and avoid the other penalties.


Your friend needs to get their license reinstates asap. If the DUI was two years ago, they should be eligible for a license now. It may be possible to avoid jail and the loss of the license for extended period of time if they get the DL back asap. Have this person call an experienced DUI/Traffic attorney for assistance. Otherwise, they are looking at the penalties that Mr. Pirosko outlined.

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I would urge the defendant to retain an attorney to handle this matter; Driving while under restraint (i.e., a prior suspension) is a serious matter which could result in a jail sentence. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a non-jail disposition, depending on the County of occurrence.

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