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What is the penalty for trespassing?

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Hey, I was recently visiting a friend in residence in university. I live off-campus and the people I was visiting received an incident report. I do not live there and they took my information down and sent me an incident report. What kind of trouble could I be looking at since I do not live there? Thanks.

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tell from the facts you provided. Many more details are required. For example:

How long were you there?

Whether the incident report was generated or reported to a law enforcement agency

Whether it was a school (i.e. non law enforcement) issued report.

What prompted the report--abusive behavior, language, loud music

Whether minors were involved and a long list of other factors.

Recommend you read the fine print on the documents you received, look for what it says the consequences are or can be.

Next, check the university's website, see if you can locate housing/dorm policies and possible consequences for off campus visitors.

If your are charged, contact a local attorney (criminal defense) for representation.