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What is the penalty for lying to the cops, then telling the truth shortly after?

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I was with my friend and he was very drunk while I had only a couple beers, we are both barely underage and when a cop stopped us while walking home. He was being incredibly intimidating and yelling and being beyond unreasonable and had me scared out of my mind so in a split second decision I decided to give him my brothers name. I regretted it instantly and later on told him my real name. I also passed a field sobriety test during all of this.

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You can be charged with furnishing false information to a police officer, which is a crime. Were you arrested and charged with this?

It sounds like the cop was trying to strike the fear of god into you, and it sounds like he accomplished his mission! If you came clean with him, and he let you go, you should be alright. I hope that is the end of the story, but if you are concerned about it, you might want to schedule a consultation with a lawyer who can answer your questions

I give free phone consultations, most other attorneys do similar things.


I would contact Mr. Ifverson if I were you. If you got arrested, all of this information will find its way into the police report and will affect how you are treated by a prosecutor, assuming you were cited or arrested. If so, you need an attorney without delay.

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Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


That's Ifversen.


There are certain situations where a person can be charged for lying to police. It really depends on the facts. If you are concerned about getting in trouble, you need to consult an attorney, who will help you be confident that you have nothing to worry about, or at least have somebody to guide you if you should be concerned.

***This is NOT legal advice, please consult an attorney for an answer tailored to your situation.***

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