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What is the penalty for lying about your address and income on a food stamp application if you are already a convicted felon?

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my daughter lives with a convicted felon who filed for food stamps claiming my daughter and grandson.he gave a fake address on his app.and did not report my grandson's SSI benefits of 710.00 per month.what can happen to him,and can my daughter be in trouble as well?

The convicted felon my daughter lives with called our local DCF and made up all kinds of lies,and a social worker showed up at my home today.He told them my husband is a drug dealer selling his perscription meds.My husband has a serious knee injury and also 2 cancer surgeries.He also told them that my husband gives medication to me which is a lie.I found out he is getting evicted along with my daughter and disabled grandson.He thinks I did this,but I have never been anywhere near their home.when all this is resolved what can I have done to him for making up all these vicious lies.We both took drug tests on the spot today,and passed!Isn't there a penalty for filing a false report with DCF?My 10 year old Autistic daughter was so upset by this,she wanted to run away and find her when her sister and the felon give up with this.They caused her great stress and worry.So what can I do to them for this?I thought making a false report with DCF was a second degree misdemeanor.what kind of penalty can that bring?

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He can be charged with fraud. In regards to your daughter, it will depend whether the prosecutor thinks she was involved as well.

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Thank You Sir.

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Christopher Robert Kaigle


You are very welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you or your family.


Misrepresenting their income is felony fraud. Your daughter could be charged with fraud as well if she knowingly participated.