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What is the penalty for fraud of leased item

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I recently found out that I had an outstanding warrant for fraud of leased items. I had a contract with a rent to own company which ended in a dispute on the cost of one of the items the sales person that leased me the item told me that the item was on clearence and that was the final charge after the 90 day period and the item would not be marked up which was not true. the item ended up not working. contacted company and told them i wanted to return the items and became an issue i told them I had the items in storage. they cont. to harrase me and verbaly abuse me, friends, and family members and co-workers the situation turned ugly the issue never got resolved and ended up leaving the state and left the items in storage. now a year later am faced with this warrant. what can I do

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You can obtain an attorney and seek to have the warrant recalled and converted into a summons. There is no guarantee that the Court will do that, though, and you may need to turn yourself in.

If you are charged under CR 8-407, it is a MISDEMEANOR that carries a penalty of
$1,000.00 and.or 60 DAYS

The standard charging language is as follows followed by a helpful note. This information is from the Maryland Charging Language:

...did fraudulently convert to [his/her] own use, _______(describe item), a [good/thing] valued at $1,500.00 or more and received under a [written contract/written lease] entered into for the purpose of [renting/leasing] said [good/thing] for valuable consideration.

NOTE: Defendant must have received the item(s) under written lease, written contract, or written rental contract. If document contains option to buy, the agreement cannot be for longer than six months. If there is no option to buy, length of agreement does not matter. FAILURE TO RETURN OR ACCOUNT FOR THE ITEM AT THE END OF THE AGREED PERIOD IS PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE OF A VIOLATION OF THIS SECTION, EXCEPT THAT, the victim must have sent via certified US Mail, a written, postpaid, return receipt requested demand for return of the item(s) and must wait 10 days for either return of item(s) or for the defendant to account for items(s) with the victim before charging.

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Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to try to recall the warrant or arrange surrender, and defend you against the charges. Seek a confidential consultation.

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