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What is the penalty for expired tag (registration) in Georgia? Will I get jail time?

Atlanta, GA |

I got a ticket for an expired tag (registration)(more than 6 mos). Before I could get it fixed, I got another ticket & car impounded. I'm going tomorrow to renew registration & get my car back. I have a court date, but forgot to ask if I could pay fine or if I need to actually go to court. Will I get jail time for this?? Please help.

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Attorney answers 1


I advise speaking with a criminal defense attorney. There are potentially license and criminal sentencing issues that you will have to deal with, and an in-person consult with an attorney could best advise you re: the Ga Dept of Driver Services regs and their relationship to what you will likely face criminally. Ordinarily, a person is unlikely to receive jail time for something not involving personal injury to someone re: a traffic/license offense, unless the facts are severe, for example. More likely, you may receive a fine and probation, along with possibly community service. And this is assuming that your criminal history is relatively free of past traffic offenses. Good luck.



Thank you for your response. I am freaking out about this. Insurance was already up to date and now, so is my registration. I've had two speeding tickets within the last year & a half. I am terrified of going to jail. No one was injured in my stop, so hopefully that plays a role like you said. If I can just pay fines & not go to court, can I still be in trouble??