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What is the penalty for driving without the interlock device in Austin Tx

Austin, TX |

convicted second DUI on probation. First DUI was 10 years ago in Lousiana

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It's probably a violation of your probation. Usually, the penalty is revocation. You will need an attorney to try to fight the allegation if possible (or practicable), and to try to convince the judge to not revoke you, etc.

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Penalty would be from 0 days in jail (and possible rehab/outpatient) up to the maximum that you signed on for with probation. When you plead on the case, the Judge would have capped the penalty (for instance 6 months jail, probated for 4 years).

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I agree that it likely is a violation of your probation. You should contact your original attorney to discuss options and what to do next.

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It really depends on various factors-the judge. probation officer, how you are doing otherwise with probation and the nature of the violation-obviously any alcohol is bad! I wonder why you have an interlock. Is it because your earlier DWI was less than 10 years ago or you had a high alcohol content?

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