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What is the penalty for driving on a suspended license and a misdemeanor probation violation from a misdemeanor sentence?

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First offense suspended license is a $500 fine (unless the suspension is from drugs then it is $750 dollars), and 2 days in jail. The probation violation can be the balance of probation time in jail, or 2 years in jail whichever is less as the maximum for the violation.
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You could potentially get revoked for the balance of your probation. 1st suspended DL conviction is 2 days in jail & $500 fine. 2nd in 5 years is 10 days & $1000 fine. Can use a Milo plea one time in 5 years to avoid license suspension.

Phyllis Gingrey Collins

Phyllis Gingrey Collins


Should say "nolo" plea. iPhone changed the word on me. Sorry!

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