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What is the penalty for a first time offender of domestic violence

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What will happen to the offender if it is his first time being arrested for domestic violence

about two months ago a freind had argument with his wife, because of that he decided to leave the apartment. on his way out he had two brifcases with him. his wife decided to hold the brifcase(luggeage) at this moment she hold his groin because of pain i am sure he may have slamped on her face. he was aressted and waiting the final out come. this happened in kansas.

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Based on the information given, I am unable to give you an intelligent answer; however, I can tell you that you need an attorney able to handle your matter.


Domestic violence assault carries a basic penalty of up to 1 year in jail and up to a $4,000 file. If the person has priors (even unrelated to assault), the low end of the penalty can be raised if the prior case is used to enhance the assault.

What will happen can range from deferred adjudication probation to dismissal to 1 year in jail to take the anti violence class and dismiss and anything in between. It really depends on the type/severity of the assault, as well as the criminal history (even if not assault) of the defendant.