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What is the order to file these forms?

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I want to sponsor my wife to stay here with me. We got married 2 months ago and she's still going to school as international student. I asked a local legal service and he said I should file these form I-130, I-485, I-765 and G-325 but forgot to ask if I should do it all together or in what order? Tried to reach him again but he's moved to another office. If I want to get my wife to be able to go work legally, can I file that form for the work permit first? then wait until she's graduated to file the rest? She has one year left to get her degree though. Any good advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

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All the forms should be filed together. The work permit is based on the filing of an adjustment of status application, so you cannot file that separately. It takes approximately 90 days to get the work permit. You should speak to an immigration attorney before filing to ensure you do not make any costly errors on your petition.
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There is no order to file the paperwork. As the other attorney said you should be working with an attorney. You may feel you are saving money in the short run but all you need to do is search avvo and see all of the questions of people who tried the same thing and made mistakes resulting in delay or denial. Now they need to hire an attorney at a much great cost. Moreover, you can find firms that offer reasonable fees for such applications.


You can not file for the work permit alone, as she is not eligible for one unless she is an adjustment of status applicant, meaning that you will have to file all of those. You will also have to file form I-693 and I-865. I would reccomend working with a licensed attorney who specializes in immigration law. Only attorneys are licensed to practice law, non attorneys can not lawfully give out legal advice. You will need to provide significant evidence of a bona fide relationship and of your financial ability to sponsor your wife. Your case should also be reviewed to make sure that your wife is not inadmissible for any reason.

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