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What is the next step for me to take after the results to a DNA test comes back positive?

Crawfordsville, IN |

the state is demanding that paternal rights have to be established so they did a dna test the results came back positive to the man they tested. can me and the father settle rights and visitations and things with out lawyers? and little court time as possible?

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The short answer is that if you cooperate with the state, you will be able to get all the orders in place without an attorney.

As the state has gotten involved, they cannot stop halfway... they need to make sure an order of custody and child support is entered for the child. Every state handles the process somewhat differently. Very likely, the Attoney General will request that both parties submit ther income information. The AG's office will proposed a child support amount, and the parties can agree or request a hearing to challenge the support obligation. The AG's office might also facilitate a "mandatory mediation" between the parties, to work our an agreement regarding residential schedule. If the parties reach an agreement on custody, and go along with the child support, then orders can be signed without any long hearings or attorneys present.

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