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What is the most common sanction when breaching parenting time orders? Judge never ordered to pay legal fees so far only makeup

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My ex is a recurrent offender when comes to respecting my parenting time specially holidays. I have taken her to court for same issues almost like 4 times in 3 years. Judges do NOTHING, just ordered to make up days, so for them is OK to celebrate Christmas on a diff day! . Few days ago; her condition was that she has personal plans and she wants me to babysit, if I say no; then she will not give my son for my bday which is my HOLIday per court papers and this is how it went. I have her emails as proof. I had brought lawyers asking for legal fees unsuccessfully. I cant afford another 2.5K to get nothing in return. Is making up the most common order?

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Making up the time is very common. Courts generally prefer for the parties to resolve the matter on their own without running to Court each time the schedule needs to change. It is not clear if you have had an attorney for only part or the entire time of the past 3 years. However, since this has been an ongoing problem, you may wish to consult with an experienced family law attorney.



family court is a mess. what good it is to fight for an established parenting time if the other party will not obey? for them is ok to celebrate a bday in a different date. judges allow woman to lie to be recurrent offenders etc everyone win with our constant visits go court except my kid. how many times i have to spend for a lawyer discussing about same issues iver and iver again.

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