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What is the most common / realistic custody arrangement for parents 300 miles apart?

Seattle, WA |

I am currently in a temporary plan that allows me every other weekend and a midweek dinner. But just the other day I was presented with a job opportunity in OR (we live in WA) that is 300 miles away. This job is better in every aspect for my future but the mother refuses to ever let our daughter go that far for any periods of time.

Realistically its a 5 hour drive. Our final plan hearing isnt for 5 months. I would have to leave in 3 weeks for the job. So I went to the court to file a motion to change our temporary plan and a hearing in two weeks. I asked for on every 3rd Friday of the month we would meet half way and she would stay with me for a week. Then exchange again and so on. I get Thanksgiving her Christmas.

I need to know if this is reasonable? She said no. Child is 2.

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You should retain a family law attorney to discuss the particulars of your situation. Courts are supposed to do what is in the best interests of the child. You're lucky you are aware of your future situation because it can be difficult changing your court orders once they are entered. Parenting plans usually have significant details that are way beyond the scope of what anybody can tell you about on a free website. (Life is short.) (Time is money.) Good luck to you and your child.

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I agree with Robert that you should talk to an attorney. A court is unlikely to order frequent visits with a two year old child when there is 10 hours (5 each way) of travel time involved. If the child were older, I would expect to see less frequent but longer visits.



What would be common or likely to see for a temporary plan of extended distance to consist of?