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What is the minimum penalty for meth posession, DUI/meth, cruelty to minors? 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors in one stop

Los Angeles, CA |

My cousin was stopped for irratic driving and cited for posession/DUI/cruelty to minotrs, SUS{PENDED license and NO insurance. All at one time! This was in L.A. county Her bail was $25,000. We are trying to prepare her kids for the inevitable- will she likely go to jail ? We hear that drug diversion is not an option since she was high. Thanks for any information re: sentencing.

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Drug diversion is not available at this time because of the non drug related offenses attached to the felony possession charge. Meaning the DUI and the child charges. Why was her vehicle searched? Was it incident to arrest? Was it searched because the car was towed? It is not unusual for the DA to attach other charges with the felony. It does not mean that they charges can or will not be dismissed. Her attorney will review the report to look at why and under what means the vehicle was searched. Good luck!


You should take this to some free consultations w/ lawyers - it is too complex for the internet and avvo.

Good luck on your case, and if you need a DUI lawyer, check
Joshua M. Dale, Esq.


I agree with Mr. Dale.

This is serious. You need to consult with an attorney in person.

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