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What is the main purpose of the ISAP program and how long is it for?

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My husband is on this program right now.Can he be deported after all? I will apply for citizenship next week if it helps. Thank you 

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It depends on whether he is in removal proceedings, subject to them, has a final order, or is subject to reinstatement of a previous removal order.

Hes should consult with a competent attorney or BIA-accredited representative to determine where he stands in terms of being removed from the U.S.

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ISAP is to keep track of you without putting you in jail. It is not a guarantee that the person will not be deported in the end. If he is in ISAP, was he in removal proceedings and had his case denied? Retain a lawyer to advise and help you.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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ISAP is ICE's "Intensive Supervision" program. They use it to keep track of persons whom the agency decides not to physically detain at this time. It does not provide any substantive right to remain in the United States and the alien can be terminated from the program at any time and if a final order of removal exists, removed from the United States.

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