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What is the longest it takes to receive the work authorization card after biometrics ?

Aurora, IL |

My brother had his biometrics appointment before me and I already got everything including my SSN and he has not yet even received the work authorization card. He has been in initial review since November 25, 2012. I am just really concerned and want to know what can be the issue.

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What did your brother apply for? In USCIS-land, a processing time of several months is very common for many applications, so there is probably no need for concern.

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Its for the dream relief ( DACA) to receive the work authorization card. We check his case on the USCIS page and he has not moved from initial review. It has been 2 months already. Me and my other brother got ours within less then a month.

Laura Mandell

Laura Mandell


You and your other brother got yours fairly quickly, which hasn't been typical in my experience. The normal processing time for a work permit is 2-3 months, but because DACA is such a new program, we don't know yet whether the average processing time will be less or greater than that. Hang in there, not getting an answer within two months does not automatically mean that his application will not be approved.


depends on what he applied for

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It should take 90 days from the date of filing unless there is a request for evidence.

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