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What is the likely outcome of this custody issue?

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Daughter lived in boyfriend in KY 5 yrs. He broke off relationship & she went back to GA to live with her dad, she was 6 months pregnant. Infant girl born July 2007. Boyfriend moved to GA after that until Dec 5th, then decided he was gay and moved in with gay boyfriend in GA. Now he's served papers on daughter seeking joint legal & physical custody of infant girl. Exboyfriend wants to have infant girl 1 month, then with mother 1 month, etc...We have no money to hire an attorney & legal aid no longer handles family issues like this.

clarification: infant girl born July 2009

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It is impossible to predict what will happen in Court without learning more about the mother and the father of this child. Typically, for a child so young, and given the circumstances you mention above, the mother would have a very strong case for retaining primary physical custody. However, if you proceed to Court unrepresented you will not be as prepared as you would should you retain counsel.

My law firm offers free consultations and flexible payment plans to help with your difficult financial circumstances. This issue is far too important to resolve without counsel. There are many steps that the mother could take (including appointing a Guardian Ad Litem, requesting mediation, requesting extensive Discovery Materials from the boyfriend and /or requesting DNA / Paternity testing) that would help resolve these issues before things got too costly or too contested.

Please click on the link below to learn more about my law firm, and do not hesitate to call should you want a free consultation to discuss your options further.

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