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What is the likeliness of being put in juvenile detention center and what are my rights in court and with the law?

Mundelein, IL |

I was arrested for domesic battery im 13 and i did damege to the house. My mom called the police on me for doing that to her.

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If you have already been arrested and have the ability to post this question, then you must be out of custody. That speaks well for avoiding a trip the the Hulse Juvenile Detention Center. I'm sure, though, that you will probably have "home detention" or "home confinement" ordered, which basically means your are confined to your house 24/7 (or maybe 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM) unless it's going to school or you're with a parent. Depending how ticked off your mom is, your mom might be satisfied with you being on a period of court supervision so you can avoid being labeled a juvenile delinquent and have an easier time getting it expunged when turn 17. Of course, supervision, too, may include a curfew and being an obedient son--no matter how ridiculous you think your family is being.