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What is the likelihood of being granted a pardon for domestic violence in Ohio?

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The offence occurred in 1998. Divorced from the other party in 1996. All children from this marriage are over the age of 19 now. I am no longer a resident of Ohio. I have had other offenses which were limited to failure to file/pay local income tax. The last offense I was convicted of was disorderly conduct in 2007

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A pardon? From whom? Domestic violence is not able to be expunged because it is well.... a crime of violence. I doubt any political figure would pardon someone convicted of that offense. Plus it sounds like you're sill not following the law.

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I would say it is highly unlikely, unless you save an orphanage full of children from a burning building, and even then.


Pardons are very difficult to get and the governor (or president) look to a number of factors to determine whether you're a good candidate. Two of the most important factors are 1) time elapsed and 2) ability to obey the law since. While it has been 15 years since the DV, you're still racking up other charges.

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