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What is the life expectancy of a carpet in an apartment?

Portland, OR |

I am on my third lease (1yr, 6 month, & 7month) that will be ending at the end of the summer and I plan to move. When I did the walkthrough (just with my family members) I noted everything that wasn’t perfect including taking pictures of the imperfections. The carpet wasn’t new when we moved in the notes & pictures of the carpet were included. The carpet was starting to come up around the fireplace area and since then it has started to come apart due to vacuuming. I understand this to be wear and tear (I hope). I also have a cat that has had more than a few problems in regard to the litter box. The carpet hasn’t been cleaned since I moved in (just spot cleaning). I know the management company will probably want me to pay for new carpeting. How do I calculate a fair value.

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