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What is the length under Texas law, with charges of injury to a child bodily injury felony, could spend on probation?

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Uncle is living w/brother, sister-n-law, & niece. The person in question is the uncle. He was arrested for indecency – fondling a minor in 2006, but the charges were reduced to injury to a child – bodily injury, felony, no classification, he took the plea. The deposition date was 2007 and the sentence was deferred adjudication of 84 months. He is now on Probation till 2014. He is under Mental stress, is seeing a Mental Health Provider and taken medication for his mental state. He was told that the longest he could spend in prison was 10yrs. Since he has been on probation he has not been able to comply with all his probation requirements. He has requested to be put in prison, because he feels that he cannot hold down a job and pay off his fines. He was told by his probation officer that th

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The maximum limit to a probationary sentence is ten years in Texas.


The maximum length a person can receive on probation from the start is 10 years. However, in Texas, probation terms can be extended up to an additional 10 years now so the total would be 20. However, there must be a good reason to extend the probation (and not finishing all of the terms would be a good reason.)