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What is the legal obligation of the doctors to the patients?

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All medical doctors have training in the anatomies of entire body. Is it a valid excuse when the doctor says "it is outside of my experty" to refer you to some other doctor and that referred doctor doesn't want to be responsible with whatever the problem and refuse the appointment. Whose responsibility is it to correctly diagnose and treat the problem?

Local medical association can also give names of the doctors but they too won't do anything about it when the referred physician doesn't want to take a responsiblity for someone else's problem. If some doctors offices or the hospitals do something bad and then dump you out onto the street, then no one want to pick up where someone else left off, then what does the victim suppose to do?

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I suppose this question would have been better posed to AVVO's Health panel. Medical students study all areas of medicine generally. However, doctors choose which area they will specialize in and only learn that area in depth. A doctor may properly claim they she/he is not an expert in an area which falls outside her/his expertise. You should consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.

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