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What is the legal age to babysit in Ohio? And is there a length of time allowed to be left home without adult supervision.

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My 12 and 10 year old stepsons were left home alone yesterday while their mother went to work. (She previously emailed my husband that she would be taking PTO to spend time with the kids) I am the normal 'babysitter' for the children, and my husband does not feel the 12 yr old is mature enough to care for his brother - whom he physically fights with and bullies even with adult supervision.

Is there a legal age to babysit in Ohio, and also is there a length of time allowed to be without adult supervision based on age.

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I really do not think there is a legal age or time limit, it probably depends on the situation. You could go back to court and seek an order that if one parent can not be with the children for over 1/2 an hour the other should be given the option to babysit (depends on how close you live to each other)

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There is not a law governing the age of babysitters. Generally, babysitters are chosen by families according to age, maturity and ability to handle emergencies. It is a matter of common sense. Since you and your husband are uncomfortable with having the 12 year old placed in the position of "babysitter," I would simply suggest speaking with their mother about your concerns and that you would be more than willing to babysit when she goes to work or needs to leave the kids alone for any period of time over 1/2 hour. A responsible babysitter is necessary if you don't trust that either the 12 year old or 10 year old would know what to do if an emergency situation occurred. Kids fall down and break bones, cut their fingers with scissors and eat things they're not supposed to eat; and if they aren't prepared to deal with the consequences, then a babysitter is a necessity. Good luck to you.

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