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What is the legal age of consent in the state of Nevada? I read somewhere online 16..But I figured that is somewhat young..

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Wouldn't it be at least 17? Does this mean that if a 16 yr old has relations with and 18+ year there would be no issues as long as it was "consensual"? Why wouldn't there be an age that would be same for all states? As in a "Federal standard" so to speak? For example someone can be from a different state that may be 17 the age of consent and they can say "they didn't know"..etc.. Also, if someone is a tourist and lets say 16 and they have relations with a male from Nevada that is 22..Does that law still apply ALTHOUGH this tourist is from out of state? Hope question is understood..

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This would be more properly labeled a criminal law question.

But yes, the age of consent is sixteen:


Age of consent is a state by state issue -- just as requirements for marriage, requirements for divorce, what consitutes child abuse (in some states, spankings are still fine), whether or not you can recreationally use marijuana, whether or not GLBT persons can marry, and many other matters. The age of consent in Nevada is 16, with some caveats (mentally diminished or incapacitated, position of authority, etc.). In general terms, whether male or female, at age 16 you can legally say "yes" to a partner who is also at least age 16. Someone from another state is bound by the laws of Nevada while present in Nevada. This issue is just like so many others -- when in doubt, either look it up or refrain from any questionable conduct.

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The age of consent in Nevada is 16. That means it is legal as long as the 16 year old consents. There is no Federal standard because this type of law falls under what is typically a police power of the States. Therefore, each state is allowed to legislate what the age of consent should be. Ignorance of the law is never a defense. When you enter a state's boundaries, that state's laws apply to everyone within its boundaries. It is your responsibility to know the laws of that state.

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