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What is the legal age of consent in Utah, and do the laws differ for teens that have aspergers?

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I have a friend that is seventeen with aspergers, she was seeing a 20 yr old and the fooled around a bit and now they both are freaking out, do to the fact that her mom is self rightous and is threatening to condem her to a mental ward and send him to jail. So i want to know if there is anything i can let them know to help ease there tension.

8:18pm I do apologize I was miss informed on the ages he is 21 and she is 17 and also to go further into depth on the family issues that occure her family mistreats her badly , they put her down and her dad even said it'd be easier for everyone to let her leave, they practically starve her because of her allergies there is hardly any real food for her to eat, threatening to beat her within an inch of her life on more then one occassion, they try to control every minute of every day of her life and do not allow her to grow up and learn from mistakes, and they completelly disreguard her feelings and treat her as if she's handicapped. plus there is a good distance between her and him of 50 miles or more. She's also has told me that her parents will not leave her alone when she's upset when she obviously needs to be alone, she's feels they're making things worse, by adding pressure and stress, by threatening to take away all her communication and privacy. They have also threatend to send her away.

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Until your friend turns 18, her parents have the right to control her activities even if she disagrees with their choices. After she turns 18, she will be an adult under Utah law and can make her own decisions but her parents make seek a guardianship or conservatorship for her if her Asperger disorder is bad enough.
The 20 year old may be charged with having sex with a minor and he could end up with criminal convictions and be listed on the sexual abuser register. Her parents can stir up more trouble than you think.

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