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What is the legal age for kids to stay on their own at home in GA?

Woodstock, GA |

My friend left her two daugthers at home while she went to the supermarket, her oldest is 12 years old and the second 9 years old.She wasn't gone for more than 1hr and a half. Her ex husband somehow found out and now he is threathening her with legal actions against her and taking the girls. We need to know what is the legal age in GA to leave kids on their own at home?

Thank you kindly for your help.

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Having been involved in domestic practice for some time, this sounds more like this ex-husband wants to harass and control his ex-wife and not worry about the safety of the children. Normally 12 and 9 years old are perfectly appropriate ages to be left at home during the day for a 90 minute supermarket trip. Of course, each case is different; if these children are problem kids, have severe special needs or there have been problems in the past, then a certain amount of parental discretion is advised.

However, when an ex-husband threatens "legal actions" over this seeming innocuous situation, I might just chalk it up to a symptom of the bad relationship between mom and dad. If he really felt the kids were in mortal danger, he should have been over there with the police and DFCS. I am assuming that didn't happen.

I'd tell him to go ahead and file something, but if that's all he's got, he'd better prepare to pay for two attorneys - - his and his ex-wife's.


Georgia does not have a set age limit where children can be left alone. However, Georgia does have guidelines regarding when one should leave a child alone without adult supervision. The link I provided explains those guidelines. Much of it depends on the level of the child's maturity. Some 9-year-old children are more adept at supervising themselves for short periods of time than others.

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