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What is the georgia law for how long a probation officer has to give court date to a offender that has technical violation.

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My boyfriend was locked up on a technical violation on 6 months intense probation. He had five years on parole and 5 years on probation. He is through with parole and graduated from it. Now on probation he gets locked up for not having a ride for reporting which we except. But, he has been locked up for 50 days and his probation officer as not been to see him at all and will not return my phonne calls. I talked to her one time after 2 weeks of being locked up and she told me the next week she will go and give him a court date. But we havent heard nothing! I call everyday and she never answers so I leave a message. We just want to know what she is gonna do with him. So do they have a specific # of days they must give them their court date or can they just make him sit in there with no info

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He can be hired indefinitely. Stop calling the PO and start calling lawyers and hire one. That's the best bet you have of getting a hearing quickly.


I agree. An attorney can expedite the hearing, but the PO isn't going to. An attorney can also persuade the judge to let him get back to work where he can be productive, instead of just sitting in jail. Find and hire a lawyer. Contact my office if I can be of further assistance.

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Unlike a new case, probationer's can be held indefinitely on a probation warrant. I have dealt with this issue before. The remedy is to hire a lawyer to request a probation bond and/or negotiate a resolution with the State. Note that he may be looking at more time in jail for this violation. The law authorizes the judge to revoke up to two years of his probation for this technical violation. Moreover, I have known judges that require a 6 month revocation for even the most minor technical violations. This only happens with some judges. However, even two years is a possibility.

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