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What is the formula to calculate temporary and permanent spousal support?

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What factors influence the judge's decision on temporary support? What is the forumula to calculate each? I see lot of articles describe factor influence permanent support, but failed to address factors influence temporary support

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Temporary support is solely based on income numbers put into the Dissomaster support calculation program or some similar program (there are a few others out there). It is based on the income of each party, tax filing status and some other tax related items such as deductible property taxes and interest, 401K contributions, etc.. This is a very basic statement of what is considered.

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Is this true? I read it from the net: From any amount which is not allocated to child support, take 40% from the net income of the payor spouse, less 50% from the net income of the recipient spouse. The resulting number is the temporary spousal support.

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Michael Charles Schwerin


The formula for spousal support in general is in the code. Family Code Section 4320. Temporary spousal support may be set by county so you need to check with a Modesto attorney on what they do in Modesto.

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