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What is the filing process for an annulment?

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I would really like to file for an annulment instead of a divorce.We were only engaged for about 2 months before getting married. My legal status was coming to an end and we decided to get married. Because we rushed into things due to a timing constraint, we realized after we got married that we do not make a good fit. We have only been married for a few months and both would like to get an annulment. Is this a good case for annulment? What evidence needs to be submitted? Also, if I show up in court will I be in jeopardy or being deported?
Please advise.

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I don't believe you have grounds for annulment. A regular petition for dissolution of marriage will be appropriate here. Consult with your immigration attorney to determine what the ramifications will be on your status.

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You may have grounds for an annulment if you did not consummate the marriage. You may want to consult an attorney about the different grounds for an annulment and see if you meet any of the criteria.

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