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What is the fastest way to petition my fiancee from philippines and how much it will cost for my situation?

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Im a US.citizen, right now im unemployed, I wanna get my fiancee and live here with me in California, Ive known her since when we are in elementary, im unemployed but searching for job,

what is all the requirements>? steps? I need? how long it takes if for example I will start now? im bad credit also? how much money I will spend if I do it by myself? and how much I will spend If I get a attorney just to get my fiancee and marry here and live with me here?

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There are two ways for you to pursue this. You may go to the Philippines to marry and sponsor her as a spouse or you can bring her here on a fiancé visa. I prefer the marriage route from the Philippines - It is faster and the costs are less.
You are going to need a co sponsor or joint sponsor unless you have enough assets to make up for the unemployment.
How much it will cost you varies by from attorney to attorney. You will need to call around.
You are not going to get a step-by-step information on this sight. You will need to do your own research. You can start at or consult with an experienced attorney.


There is no fastest way. Which route is taken depends on where the marriage will take place.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case. You can find one through

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If you want to bring her to the US on a fiancee visa, you must be able to prove that you have met in person within the past two years, among several other things.


Fiance visas are not simple. You must have met within the past two years. If you are unemployed, you might have trouble with the affidavit of support. The fiance visa process requires several steps including the I-129F petition, consular processing of the fiance visa application, moving to the US, getting married, filing for adjustment of status.

Each step can take several months, and if you do anything wrong or leave out necessary documents, forms or evidence, it will add several months of delays. You're looking at over $2k in processing fees and another $3k to $5k in attorney fees. If you can afford to hire an attorney, you should. Your fiance will get to the US much quicker if you have an experienced immigration attorney helping with each step of the process. Good luck.