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What is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to go become a US citizen after entering the country illegally 12 years ago?

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My husband came to the US illegally at the age of 11. We have been married for a little less than a year and are finding it difficult to live with his situation. He does not have a visa or an ITIN # yet. We would like to start the naturalization process as soon as possible. Questions are: How much does it cost (average), how long will it take (average), will he have to leave the country? Do you have any recommendations of lawyers in the DFW area?

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If he entered without inspection you can file for him but he will have to go home to continue with the process and file for a waiver of his prior unlawful presence. With government filing fees and attorney's fees, you will be looking at a range from about 2k-10k. Attorney's fees for waivers vary greatly and can become pricey due to the complexity involved. For an attorney recommendation, check the website of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association): or do an Avvo search for an attorney in your area.

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I will agree with my colleague. He might also be able to benefit from INA 245(i). I will recommend talking to a lawyer before he leaves.

Good Luck
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