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What is the efficient way for this false accuse? I make the complain statement, where can I sent this complain?

Flushing, NY |

Tenant self make scar and call 911, 911 officer come simply detained the landlord...

Seem it is easy to false accuse? One simply make scar by self and call 911 to detain.Of course the judge will win back justness, but monthes pass!!! Can the landlord ask for DNA test? I - a weak girl never ever touch the tenant that day!!!

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Can I sue the tenant false accuse? if yes, how?

seizure patient suffer violence and delay 911 call,even worse 911 not come...rude tenant make scar herself and police simply detain the landlord. That is why i wonder it is easy to false accuse.

Looking forward some professional attorney value solutions!!!

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This is very confusing. Can you please rephrase this question? I think you mean, can you sue a tenant for making false accusations to the police?

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