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What is the easiest way, and the cheapest way to get a divorce?

Pittsburgh, PA |

We have only been married for a year, but with his abusive behavior and drinking problem since returning from deployment (he was like this before he left, but it has gotten worse), I just want out. We have tried seeking help through the Army and other ways, but he is just too stuck in his ways. I don't want anything from him, and we have nothing to divide. He has and keeps when he had, and visa versa. The only think I would seek is some financial help since he has hid all moneys and accounts from me, and I have been a housewife/full time student. What are my best options?

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File and get it started. Hire a good lawyer and move forward.


I agree with my colleague. You will need to determine what claims you want to include in a Complaint in Divorce. From your description, you'd likely want to include counts for spousal support, alimony pendente lite, final alimony (although given the short term marriage, you will likely not be entitled to much), counsel fees and equitable distribution.

You really need to schedule a consultation with an attorney to go over all of the information and aspects of your case. The information you truly require is much too in depth to handle in this forum.

Many attorneys who practice family law in Allegheny County offer free consultations. You should contact an attorney of your choosing when you are ready to proceed.

Good luck.

Joe Hirschmann
Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer

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Well, as you may have guessed from my colleagues' responses, your fact situation went from zero to sixty with your last sentence. If there are issues about assets being hidden, then you'll need to file for property division, or equitable distribution. Since you appear financially dependent, there's temporary alimony, alimony pendete lite, and possibly alimony, to claim. So, as you've been advised, please consult with an experienced family law attorney in your area. Some offer free consultations, including my colleague Mr. Hirschmann.

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You should at least consult with a lawyer. After that your county might have a self help center at the local county web site.However if he's hiding money you need a lawyer.How much could he have hidden in a year through the army?

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