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What is the diffrence between federal and state parole?

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I just wanted to know what is the difference between state and federal parole?

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There is a difference. No federal parole, Get a lawyer if you have other questions.

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The U.S. abolished parole many years ago. There is no parole system in the federal jurisdictions. Any sentence to serve in a federal prison is time to serve at approx. 85% prior to being released. Many federal criminal cases require a period of Supervised Release (similar to probation/parole) for a period of time after release from the pen.

States have laws that govern their states parole. In KY, if sent to the state prison sentences are served at 15%, 20%, 50% or 85% on the number of years imposed at sentencing depending on the crime convicted. Upon making state parole, the inmate is placed on state parole for the balance of the sentence originally imposed.

I am trying to give you a general answer to your question. We do not have an attorney-client relationship by this response on the avvo website. I have not been retained to represent you. I am licensed to practice law in Kentucky and in federal court in this state and the Southern District of Indiana. You need to seek legal advice from an attorney licensed to practice in your area..

Frank Mascagni III

Frank Mascagni III



As my colleagues state, there is no Federal Parole.

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