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What is the difference in sentencing between the pos for sales charge as apposed to a simple pos charge?

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There is a huge difference. If you plead guilty to sales you really need to talk to your attorney if you had any questions.
Robert Driessen

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There is a HUGE difference in a poss case versus a sales case. Possession cases may be dismissed through completion of drug counseling/treatment such as PC1000 or for a more strenuous regimen through Prop 36. AAlso, some possession cases can be reduced to misdemeanors whereas sales cases are lifetime Felony cases with lifetime registration as a narcotics offender under Health and Safety Code section 11590. In some cases, your attorney may be able to negotiate a disposition where you can withdraw your plea to the sales charge after a period of successful probation and then enter a plea to the possession charge and reduce it to a misdemeanor at that time. Hope that this has been helpful to you. Paul H. Neuharth, Jr. 619-231-0401


Better late than never to ask that question, I suppose. To withdraw your plea before sentencing, you would need a pretty good reason. There is a big difference between the 2 offenses which may include increased penalties, priorability for increased punishment for future offenses, inability to reduce to a misdemeanor. etc.

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