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What is the difference between DOJ and or FBI background check, and a LIVE scan.

Laurel, MD |

Starting off arrested and not convicted,case dropped and Expunged. I know that the charges will show up in a federal job application, not concerned about that. What i don't know is the exact working of the LIVE scan, does the Maryland expungement reach into the LIVE scan. Will my expunged record show up on live scan, and should it. Honestly i don't know the difference between these different types of background checks and their sources. Are their sources different ie CJIS/DOJ/FBI. My apologies to Attn Mark Oakly i know i am being a pest and dwelling on the matter to much, but i need more clarification. More specifically the different types of background checks and the effect of expungement on them, MD specific of course.

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No apologies needed. I understand you are concerned about an expunged case popping up in a "live scan". All that means is your fingerprints and other personally identifying information (name, date of birth, Social Security Number, etc) is submitted into the CJIS system for criminal history background. If expunged, the entry should have been removed by the State police. You should pay to have your live scan performed and a complete report obtained so that you can review what, exactly, it uncovers. Then you will know. If the expunged charge appears, then it may be possible to file an action in court in Maryland to try and get the responsible agency to delete the record. Here is a link to all of the approved "live scan" service providers in Maryland: