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What is the difference between adjudication and a conviction?

Chandler, AZ |

I am planning on commissioning as a lieutenant in Armed Services, and all convictions including jeuvanile convictions can disqualify me. I was charged for egging a house and leaving a harassing note at the place. I just remember my lawyer saying I was being adjudicated and not convicted. I am curious to know if I might be disqualified when I go to apply.

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In Arizona, you are an "adjudicated delinquent." That is just the terminology used for minors. Conviction is the terminology used for adults.

Your juvenile charge may disqualify you, but you'll have to ask them to know for sure. If it does, you may want to ask them what, if anything, you can do.

I represented a person convicted of a felony who wanted to go into the Marines. They told him that if he got his conviction set aside and his rights restored, they would accept him. So don't give up hope just because you have this juvenile record.