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What is the difference between a certified charge and an amended charge?

Santa Monica, CA |

I had a felony reduced to a misdemeanor and dismissed from my record, but when I look at my record it shows: Amended Charges - plea: Guilty; status: certified.
But on my filed charges and certified charges it shows: Plea - Not guilty; Status - dismissed or certified active.

I am just very worried that my record is not fully dismissed/expunged.

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The disposition of your case is still public record. A dismissal means that you weren’t convicted, but the dismissal still appears on a CORI report (Criminal Offender Record Information). Every charge for which you are arraigned will show up on a CORI unless it's sealed. I recommend speaking with a criminal defense attorney to help you through the process.


Sounds as if you requested a dismissal and perhaps a 17(b) reduction per 1203.4. If so, everything that occurred in your case is still of record. There is no such thing in CA as a true expungement.

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