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What is the difference?

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Some criminal defense attorneys limit their practices to traffic and licensing issues. During your search, you should inquire about their experience in this area. It is also important for the attorney to be familiar with the court that you are going in front of. Good luck.


Many criminal defense attorneys are well established traffic court attorneys. Find someone with experience in the jurisdictiion in which the alleged offense occured.


What you need is an attorney familiar with defending cases like yours and who also is familiar with the Court you need to go to.....if you want to discuss this in some detail, you can write me direct at to set up a free consultation



Driving under suspension carries more suspension and possible jail time so please look into retaining someone who specializes in that


Any attorney who concentrates his or her practice in the area of DWI should also be familiar with license suspensions. As my colleagues suggest, look for an attorney with DWI experience who is familiar with the court you are charged in and interacts with the prosecutors in that area.

Best of luck to you.

Christopher I. Simser, Sr.
Anelli Xavier
Syracuse - Albany - Rochester - Buffalo


Many criminal defense attorney including myself are experienced in traffic matters as well. The best thing that you can do is contact myself or another criminal defense/traffic attorney who can talk to you about the penalties and consequences you may be facing and discuss with you the options that you may take to avoid or lessen the possible punishment.


Experience is the only difference, find someone in the jurisdiction whom you can feel comfortable with and trust.


Well, it depends. Driving under DUI Suspension has mandatory jail time and repeated convictions for Driving under Suspension and Failure to carry a License can create mandatory sentences if you have a substantial number of convictions.

While a good traffic law attorney will probably serve you best; depending upon the number of convictions you've had, it may not be a bad idea to hire a criminal defense attorney. (Most criminal defense attorneys are well versed in traffic law). Before you see any attorney, get a copy of your driving record (it costs about $10 from an auto tag business) as it may make the choice a lot clearer.

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