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What is the current percent of time you serve in OC county Jail?

Whittier, CA |

The judge told next time Im in his court room he would give me 6 months. I have 3 tickets so far for suspended license and an incomplete caltrans charge. This upcoming court visit will be for my 4th ticket for driving with suspended license. How will this effect my time? I have no other criminal record besides driving with suspended license.

I stop doing my caltrans because I figure Im going to jail, and plus my job is making it hard for me to get any days in for my caltrans.

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For misdemeanor charges, you do half the sentence. On 180 days, you'll do 90. For driving offenses and non-violent offenses, you *may* be granted some sort of work release or work detail, but those are not guaranteed. Unless the judge prevents it, you can also apply for electronic home confinement (house arrest on the ankle monitor).


The only other thing Mr. Dana did not address is whether the judge was going to give you 180 days for the 3 open 14601’s and the probation violation or if the 180 days included the 4th 14601 you were looking at. You may want to ask for the assistance of an attorney. There is jail time in your future but an attorney maybe able to reduce it some. Once you get out of jail you need to get your license fixed.
Robert Driessen


Each 14601 with a prior conviction carries with it a maximum of one year county jail; so with 3 probation violations and now a new case, the judge's warning of a six month sentence is in the ball park. What you need to do going foward is go to your local DMA and ask what you need to do to get your license reinstated. If its for failures to appear (on old traffic tickets, for example), then you'll need to go to each courthouse where your FTA is entered, pay the fine and get what is called an "abstract" - then take that abstract to the DMV and pay a re-issue fee. This type of thing just snowballs out of control - I've seen young guys sentenced well over 2 years in county jail for this type of thing. Good Luck & God Bless.

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