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What is the criteria for getting a specially set trial date in civil court litigation?

Port Saint Lucie, FL |
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The judge who controls the calendar will decide


Generally, a trial court has broad discretion to specially set a case for trial and control their dockets. From a common sense perspective, if there is some significant issue (health, witness availability, etc.) that would make a compelling reason to get a specially set trial date, the party should raise the issue by motion before the court. Most Florida judges have significant case loads and obtaining a specially set trial can be difficult. However, when in doubt, file a motion and ask the court for a hearing.

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I agree with attorney Kelskey, it is largely a decision made at the judge's discretion. Another possible reason to specially set a trial in some jurisdiction is age, if the person is over a certain age, you can ask that the court set an expedited trial date? You would need to check the Florida court rules to see if there is a preference statute based on age, and if so, whether you qualify?

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