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What is the criteria, in shared parenting plan, to switch the parent who has majority of time/ residential parent?

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We divorced in 09. Years later: I have been taken to court over false domestic violence claims, it was tossed out and the judge was confused at how she got a temp restraining order to begin with. She filed false accusations with DCF, i was investigated- nothing came of it. Each time she wants to make her cases she files false abuse claims like when she wanted to move out of state and I wouldnt give her sole custody of our son. She is vindictive and at my visitation pick up, she called the cops for trespassing because i was on her property for the pick up (designated place in divorce decree). She paints our 5yr old son's nails for each of my visitations. She tells our son that I forgot him and his mother and do not love him! She threated to due harm on my fiancee if she takes off his nail polish again. She writes online that she wants me to have no job, no child, be kicked out of military and be in federal prison. Her new ex husband will testify on my behalf. He has majority time of their son. She was in mental hospital for month an half- found out much later. She has manic depression and she wrote to her new ex- husb. that she just doesnt want me in her life and was going to disappear w/ our son to a different state than the one she petitioned to move to. She makes brash decisions and always makes disparaging comments to my son about me. She has refused all court ordered contact even nightly phone contact. She shoves me and throws rocks at my car at visitations. My son acts out because of this stress. He's expressed this to me.I dont want to take away him from her. I just want him in a safe and healthy environment. A change of majority time will change that.

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Based upon what you have stated you have the grounds to file a Petition for Modification of the Final Judgment regarding the parenting plan and time sharing as well as a Motion for Contempt. I would also suggest that you begin video taping the exchanges of your son between you and your ex-wife. You would also be well advised to retain an attorney for the action as modifying an existing parenting plan and time sharing plan is one of the more difficult things to do in court.


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This is a real problem more for your son's future than for the problems he is experiencing today with his vindictive mother's behavior. My office has developed a Custody Modification Tool which is part of the work product we use with our clients who want to modify custody. This will help you evaluate whether you want to invest money in the serious attorney fees necessary to properly address this matter. Call me at 954 522 1922 if you wish to discuss this further.

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