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What is the correct form to use to appeal a US Probation Office decision for a person on supervised release?

Montebello, CA |

If a person on supervised release wishes to appeal a decision of USPO keeping him on supervised release, what specific administrative remedy form would he use and where can he get one online in PDF/Word format?

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If you are looking for an early termination of supervised release, you need to file a motion in court. The decision to keep you on supervised release is not up to your USPO, it is up to the judge. A lawyer should do this for you. In my experience though, if the USPO is recommending you be kept on supervised release, the US Attorney will likely object (which will carry weight if you were sentenced pursuant to a plea agreement with the AUSA), and the judge will likely go along with it. However, if there are compelling reasons for you to have SR terminated early, it still may be worth pursuing. Contact a qualified attorney to discuss further.

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