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What is the consumer protection act in VA do you have 3 day to cancel a contract like in Maryland?

Rockville, MD |

I signed a contract saying that the football equipment was in good condition but its not i can use the helmets because they were to old.

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You need to ask a Virginia contracts/consumer protection attorney. The Virginia Consumer Protection Act is located in Virginia Code, sections 59.1-196 through 59.1-207. You can google it. I am not aware of a three day right of cancellation associated with consumer contracts in general. That right typically is reserved for select types of transactions, like in-home or door-to-door solicitations where the seller has no prior arrangement to meet with you and simply knocks on your door and convinces you to buy something on the spot. However, you may have a breach of contract for failure to supply goods which conform to the representations of quality made at or before the time of entering into the contract. You may have a separate cause of action for the consumer protection act violation. Was the contract entered into by you in Virginia? Or did you call a seller in Virginia from your home in Maryland, and the seller shipped to Maryland? If the latter, you would be covered under Maryland's consumer protection laws.