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What is the consequence of a minor assaulting an adult with a remote?

Seattle, WA |

My brother and i got into a squabble over the remote and T.V and the argument escalated.
He repeatedly said "hit me! hit me!"
i reacted without thinking and i hit him in the mouth with a remote. I'm 17 and I hit my brother, he is 23, in the mouth with a remote. He repeatedly said "hit me! hit me!" and I did.

I think he needed stitches, I'm unsure.

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Violence is never the answer and you are subject to a charge of assault. 4th degree is simple assault. If the injuries were bad enough you could be charge with a felony and since a weapon could be argured was used due to the remote this could be a felony. The other bad thing is that it is classified as a domestic violence assault and that is always a much worse charge. You need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney now. If you can 't afford one, not working etc. you will go in and affadavit the court for the appointment of an attorney. If you are working or have enough assets to not qualify for the PD then you will need to hire an attorney. In the future, don't be baited into doing something like this. You have the brians to understand when you should just walk away.


Have you been arrested? If so, you need a defense attorney doing damage control for you. I have found DAs to be more understanding of sibling fights than traditional family violence cases, such as with a husband and wife. You may be eligible for some kind of pretrial diversion of conditional dismissal if your record is otherwise clean. Your attorney can walk you through your options. What you do NOT want is a conviction at all costs.

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You may have a defensible case- he did invite you to strike him. A local attorney can tell you best. If he goes to get stitches, and tells the medical people what happened, they may call the police. Do npt talk to them. Whatever you say will be used against you.

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