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What is the consequence of a DWI 3rd offense in Philadelphia Pennsylvania,?

Philadelphia, PA |
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What was your BAC for this one? Or was it drugs? When were the two prior convictions? You need to contact an experienced DUI Attorney to reveiw your situation.


The penalty for dui 3rd offense depends on your blood alcohl content. If in the highest range (.16 or higher), you could face a year in prison, a $2500 fine 18 month license suspension and an interlock for your car. You neexan experienced duo attorney to review your case and counsel you with the best defense if any.


First, you will want to talk with an experienced DUI attorney to go over all you options and possible defenses. There is more information that I will need before answering this question. First, when were your prior DUI's. Second, what was your blood alovohol level. Third, was it a refusal. Fourth, we're drugs in your systems If your two prior DUI's were within the last 10 years depending on your blood alcohol level you could be facing a minimum of 10 days in jail or a minimum of 1 year in jail so this is very serious and you should consult with an attorney immediately.


Depending on your BAC, from 10 days to 1 year mandatory minimum jail time, 12-18 mths license suspension. However, you are getting ahead of yourself. DUI, like any other case, may be won. You need an experienced criminal attorney to represent you. If you cannot afford an attorney, you need to apply for a public defender


Really need more info to give you an accurate answer, speak to a criminal defense attorney, you may be able to defend the case and they can tell you more exactly what consequences you face.

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