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What is the chance of ICE coming after me or me not being able to get my citizenship?

Cleveland, OH |

I been in U.S for 11 years i had an green card the whole time I was convicted of credit card misuse f-5 i was senteced to 1 year probation i have never been in trouble in my life except few parking tickets

i have came to U.S august 1999 with a green card i was 11 years old now im 22 i had green card for 11 years my whole family are citizens it was more than 500$ but less than 5000$ there was no loss everyone got everything back and i was just convicted last month in cleveland ohio i dont have anything on my record

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It depends on when the crime was committed and your date of admission. Also, an in depth examination of the conviction record must be done.
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It depends on when you were convicted and the section of the law. You should consult with an experienced immigration attorney for a review of your record.


You need to take you conviction documents and have them examined by an experienced immigration attorney. Assuming you were only sentenced to probation, the issues involved are whether there is a fraud element in the conviction and the amount of the loss. Good luck.

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We need more information to determine if the offense is an aggravated felony or crime involving moral turpitude as well as your criminal history to determine if the offense is a deportable offense. For background information, please see my legal guides on the immigration consequences of criminal pleas and convictions. You should consult with an immigration attorney to get proper legal advice. That attorney does not need to be licensed in Ohio since immigration law is federal in nature.


There is a good chance you may be in trouble, I am aware of an instance where a once legal immigrant got busted for drugs and had a child, but was not married and he was either deported or deported after he was convicted and will never be legally allowed back in the United States.

Depending on the level of your probation and if even if your are a permanent resident (and if I am correct your stated your green card has expired) you are have a major immigration problem, having committed a felony crime of moral turpitude, you may find yourself before an immigration judge and your legal status could be in jeapordy. You could lose the ability to renew your card and lose the possibility of applying for U.S. citizenship.

See if you can renew your green card on line, you will be asked about criminal convictions. I wouldn't lie. Get a good immigration lawyer. And for the sake of being able to live in a great country such as the United States, stop engaging in criminal activity. You got arrested and convicted for credit card fraud and can't believe the first time you did it that you got caught. You should consider yourself lucky if you get through this and are allowed to naturalize. Stay out of trouble and stay away from the police.

Go get a consultation with an immigration lawyer. You certainly need one. The story I mentioned above - this individual was convicted of a felony and one day he got snatched up - never to return. You have a problem on your hands.

Good luck.

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C. C. Abbott

C. C. Abbott


Attorney Ostrowski has provided an excellent comment and advise. As a previous PD, I agree fully with all of his comment.


You need to retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts and advise you accordingly. Your question cannot be answered through Avvo, as answering it requires a review of the court disposition.

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