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What is the burden of proof I need to sue psychiatrists who are perpetuating a pseudoscience upon our nations unfortunate.

Springfield, IL |

I was kidnapped by the sheriff dept. after my mom told a judge I was crazy. I incurred $20,000 in bills in the 2 weeks I was held against my will. I was asked to take dangerous medication under the duress of " the judge will look favorably upon you if you take these pills" I never saw a judge, received no paperwork regarding the kidnapping was released after 2 weeks. The psychiatrists who held me are charging me either $106 or $214 an hour depending on which one it was. Totaling $3000 that is now on my credit report. I feel I have been abused by a pseudoscience that is in bed with the justice system and I am pissed. Assuming I could explain mental illness and show them to be frauds what kind of proof will I need that will work in a court setting to sue the entire field of psychiatry?

In order to shut the field down completely as they are telling everyone who come before them they are genetic defects and chemical imbalanced and use this belief to justify giving people brain altering drugs.

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