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What is the best way to change my son's last name to my husband's?

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I wish to change my son's last name to husband's last name. He is 12 years old and right now he carries his "father's". His "father' and I were never married and I have full custody. He hasn't seen nor contacted my son for over 6 years and never paid child support. We don't have any contact and we don't even live in the same country. Is it better to change my son's last name to my maiden name 1st and then to my husband's or to change his name directly to my husband's? Thank you!

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I agree with my colleague's response but would add, based on your adoption flag, that
If your husband wants to adopt, and your son wants to be adopted, then you will need an attorney's assistance to file termination of paternal rights based on abandonment, and then the adoption.

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You may petition to name change. You will need father permission OR an order of abandonment. Thus, notice to the father is required.

Hire counsel. If this can be done, it will take a couple or three months time.


You can file a petition for name change and serve the father. He can then agree to the change and sign the order or more likely he will fail to appear in court and judge will grant the name change. You can also do a termination/adoption and request a name change.

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